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and Good-For-All. 


The Visible pledge is a commitment to complete one pro-bono project (of any size) per year.


When you take the Visible pledge, you join a community of creative professionals united in a commitment to use our skills and expertise on behalf of promoting equitable access to the work of the creative industry for those who need it most.

The Most Good.


Our members believe that we can do the most good by donating our time, skills, and expertise. 


Utilizing the principles of effective altruism, we're working to create new models to design for good. Donating design services directly to organizations creates a much larger impact than just donating money or making a poster. Our services carry a value greater than what most individuals are able to donate in monetary form.


how can members fulfill their pledge?

Good Question!


We’re glad you asked. We’ve developed four simple ways for Visible Members to fulfill their pledge requirements:




Participate in an All-For-Good Equity Tournament
Coming soon!

Our quarterly All-For-Good Equity Tournaments allow our local members to complete their pledge requirements in one day. Tournaments are currently offered in Portland, Oregon, but we hope to be able to offer more Tournament events and locations soon.


 Participate in a Good-For-All Equity Challenge
Coming soon!

Our Good-For-All Equity Challenges are held on the Visible Website each month. You’ll compete with other Visible volunteers on an open project. The client will select the design that fits their needs best, and the finalists and winning projects will be announced and posted to the Visible Website.


Ask Your Workplace to Become a Visible Studio Partner

Visible studio partners are full-service creative agencies that have committed to the Visible pledge. Their employees can compete in an All-for-Good Equity Tournament event, participate in an Good-for-All Equity Challenge during studio downtime, or a Studio may choose to take on a Visible organization as a pro-bono client to work on a large or small project independently. The greater your studio's position within the design community, the more impact their pledge has to inspire others to take action. 


Find Your Own Project!

Any pro-bono project to benefit an organization that qualifies to receive services from Visible will fulfill your yearly pledge requirements. We're currently developing a set of contract templates and guidelines for our individual members who prefer to volunteer outside our organization.    



& More

In addition to these four main ways our members typically fulfill their pledge requirements, there are many other ways that qualify — such as volunteering as an in-house designer or design intern at a non-profit organization, enrolling in a PNCA Visible Studio class, becoming an on-site Visible Intern at our HQ, and more. We encourage you to get creative and help us find new ways to volunteer your skills. We'd love to hear your ideas or answer any questions you may have about fulfilling your pledge.