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Creative Services


Organizations serving BIPOC, immigrants, refugees, LGBTQ+, and under-represented communities and causes with a yearly budget of $1M or less may be eligible to receive creative services free of charge.

How it Works

Follow the steps below to submit a project application form and schedule a project intake call with our team.

If your project is a good fit for Visible, we’ll promote your project to our network of member-volunteers on our website, newsletter, and social media.

If a Visible Member or Studio Partner volunteers for your project, you will work one-on-one with them directly to complete your project over the course of 12 weeks during the next upcoming Quarterly Project Drive. 

If a volunteer is not paired with your project within two project quarters, Visible refunds your Project Management Fee.

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Learn About Working with Visible

Review our Client Handbook, Quarterly Project Drive dates, and Qualification Guidelines to make sure your organization is a good match to receive creative services through Visible.


2019 Project Drive Dates

Q1 January 7 — March 25 

Q2 April 1 — June 17 

Q3 June 24 — September 9 

Q4 September 16 — December 2


qualification guidelines

Applicants must have an annual operating budget of under 1M, and a primary mission to serve BIPOC, POC, immigrants, refugees, LGBTQ+, or other marginalized community or cause. A dedication to serving one of these groups must be explicitly stated within your mission statement or homepage to qualify for services through Visible.


Submit Your Project

Q1 2020 project submissions open on October 21, 2019 and close December 12, 2019

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Schedule Your Intake Call

The intake call deadline for Q1 2020 is December 17, 2019

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Submit Your Project Management Fee

The Project Management Fee deadline for Q1 2020 is December 17, 2019