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A professional logo and website are basic needs for an organization.

Visible provides these services free of charge to mission-based organizations with limited financial means.


Does your organization support an underserved community or cause? Do you lack the budget or resources to hire a creative professional or agency? 

The work you do is important. We know that access to services like branding, web design, and print design can help your organization do more and reach more people.

How it Works


1. Make sure you qualify for free creative services through Visible


2. Submit your project by filling out the project submission form below. You may request up to three projects per year through Visible. A Visible project consists of a single component – for instance a logo is one project, a website is a separate project, and marketing materials such as a business card, postcard, or print ad are each separate projects. 


3. Make an appointment with our team here to discuss your project needs, requirements, deadlines, and method for completion.


4. After we speak with you to determine how Visible can best meet your organization’s needs, we will connect your organization with creative help in one of three ways:



Your logo project will be completed by a team of volunteers over the course of a weekend during one of our quarterly Design Equity Tournament events. At the end of the weekend you will have a complete logo and style guide, and all the artwork and files necessary put your new logo into action. 




Visible will post your project to our website and promote it to our network. If a Visible member or Studio Partner volunteers for your project, you will work one-on-one with them directly to complete your project together. 

* If your project deadline is less than two months away, we recommend taking additional steps to find help for your project outside Visible. Although we will try our best, Visible is not able to guarantee that we will be able to find a creative team for your project.




For larger projects like advertising campaigns or strategy, Visible will connect you with up to three of our Visible Studio Partners that are currently accepting new project applications. If one of the Studio Partners we connect you with thinks that your project would be a good fit, you will work independently together with that Studio Partner to complete your project together. 



Qualification Guidelines

In order for an organization to qualify for services from Visible, it must meet the following criteria:


The project will benefit one of the following communities or causes: POC, LGBTQ+, immigrants, refugees, disability rights, diversity, environmental rights, healthcare equity, human rights, or civil rights. The project will have a measurable impact on the community. 

The project is for a non-profit organization, charitable cause, or not-for-profit grassroots organization without a budget allocated to creative or marketing services, that would be unable to hire a creative professional or agency to provide marketing or creative services otherwise.


Individual or personal projects, business start-ups or ideas, and for-profit businesses are not currently eligible for services through Visible.