Organization mission statement:

Verde serves communities by building environmental wealth through social enterprise, outreach, and advocacy. Our theory of change is that sustainability can be reinterpreted as an anti-poverty strategy. Since 2005, Verde has brought environmental investments to low-income communities, designed community engagement strategies around these new investments and ensured assets provided direct benefits to low-income people and people of color.

Project description: 

Style Guide

Verde needs a Style Guide for their team to follow across multiple team members and communications materials. Verde does not have full-time communications support, and is trying to create marketing materials as strategically as possible, given their current capacity and resources. 

Creation of this style guide will be a very light touch with design - their logo is established and needs to stay the same. Definition of typeface and color palette usage as necessary to create and implement a consistent style and brand.




Current Website:






Our new Visible project timelines span 12 weeks, so that you know your time commitment from the start. 

// Q4 PROJECTS START ON September 10TH, AND END ON december 3rd.//