Organization mission statement:

Stempathy helps science and tech companies build diverse, inclusive teams by addressing structural barriers and cultural norms. We believe that science is not objective and value-neutral as many believe; rather, it reflects our society's biases and history of discrimination. As a result, we focus on changing the power structures that result in systemic de-valuation of women, people of color, and other marginalized groups in technical fields. Stempathy was founded by 3 women -- Jill Craven, Rene Johnson, and Jane Ni -- who were trained as scientists and engineers, and thus bring a unique perspective to the diversity and inclusion field.

When tech companies do not explicitly address gender or race (under the guise of 'neutrality'), the default is straight, white, cis-gender, able-bodied men who are comfortable with traditionally masculine concepts of self-promotion and competition. This is the population that most corporations are designed for. We want everyone else who does not fit into this narrow mold to be equally valued at work.

Project description: 


We value design work, but we do not have the budget. Having a professionally-designed logo would help us compete with the big corporations in this field. 

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Current website:



Our new Visible project timelines span 12 weeks, so that you know your time commitment from the start. 

// Q4 PROJECTS START ON september 10TH, AND END ON december 3rd.//