Side By Side Smiles

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Organization mission statement:

In many developing countries, children with clefts are isolated from society. They can't attend school as a result of bullying and often end up feeling alone. Side By Side Smiles is dedicated towards making sure that every child can receive a cleft lip or palate surgery, no matter where they live or their location.

Project description: 


Side By Side Smiles raises money for children in need of cleft lip and palate by selling various types of jewelry. We sell them in various places such as, craft fairs/street festivals, in person, and at places of religious worship. The both of us have been fortunate enough to have a few media appearances, which increases our sales online. We need a logo so

Current website:


Twitter: sidebysidesmile



Our new Visible project timelines span 12 weeks, so that you know your time commitment from the start. 

// Q4 PROJECTS START ON september 10TH, AND END ON december 3rd.//