The Refugee Center Online

Organization mission statement:

The Refugee Center Online uses technology to help refugees and displaced individuals build new lives in the United States. They are currently in the process of renaming to Hello US, rebranding, and building a new website that will be launched in March 2019. They are looking for a Studio or Agency partner to help them create a campaign strategy and design to spread the word to border migrants and other refugees about their services.

Project description: 

Campaign Strategy and Design

Current website:

The Refugee Center Online is a one-stop, comprehensive website that houses all of the resources and information newcomers need to build successful lives for themselves and their families here in America.

Content has been curated by resettled refugees and immigrants and is written for ESL viewers and those with limited formal educations. Programs are further enhanced by both automated and manual translations and the latest in multi-modal learning techniques. We use the proliferation of mobile technology and the power of the internet to provide support where and when it is needed.

The Refugee Center Online currently provides free online preparation classes for the GED and Citizenship exams, extensive digital content to assist refugees and immigrants in navigating daily life in the US, an innovative location based database (about to be launched as an app in Jan) that connects immigrants to resources relevant to them in their local communities, and online training programs for educators working with the immigrant community. We are used by newcomers in every state and have partnerships with resettlement agencies and other non-profits across the country. Our work complements on-the-ground sources of support that already exist by making them more comprehensible and accessible to those who need them.

Our new Visible project timelines span 12 weeks, so that you know your time commitment from the start. 

// Q1 PROJECTS START ON January 7TH, AND END ON March 24th.//