Radio Poder, a Project of Mano a Mano Family Center

Radio Poder is a startup radio station in Salem, Oregon with the goal to organize, educate and build political awareness while empowering listeners to create change in their communities.

Broadcasting in three different indigenous languages, Purepecha, Miteco and Trique, Radio Poder, “La Voz del Pueblo”, will be the Willamette Valley’s Latina/o-serving and controlled mass media activism platform for social change that raises awareness for important local causes, and connects families to opportunities to transform their communities, for the well-being of all, especially Latina working families, with trusted, vital, and timely information. Radio Poder programming will focus on housing, immigration, workers’ rights, LGBTQ rights, gender, criminal justice, health care, gun and domestic violence, local elections, community leadership, cultural traditions and all manner of equity issues, to name only some of the topics.

Project description: 

One-page donation website

Radio Poder needs a brochure, messaging, and one-page donation website to raise the remaining funds needed to make this station a reality.

They have a logo, and will be providing photos and basic messaging to the creative team. 

We are seeking a studio partner for this project that has the capacity to provide a brochure, one-page donation website, and copywriting/messaging by December 3rd or sooner. 

Current Logo:

Radio Poder.jpg


Our new Visible project timelines span 12 weeks, so that you know your time commitment from the start. 

// Q4 PROJECTS START ON september 10TH, AND END ON december 3rd.//