Portland United Against Hate

Organization mission statement:

Portland United Against Hate is a coalition of 63 community-based organizations, neighborhood groups, and the City of Portland's Office of Community & Civic Life. Our mission is to track, respond to, and prevent acts of hate while providing the support that our communities need.

Project description: 


It is difficult to do the work of ending hate violence, providing resources, and being strong advocates without a solid web presence. 

We are desperate for a website update. We need to be able to put out the website to the world and have a hard time doing that at this point. Making a website that is multi-lingual would be on our dream list and help to make our work more accessible and equitable.

Current website: Domain - but the website is not finished : portlandunitedagainsthate.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/PortlandUnitedAgainstHate/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/portlandunitedagainsthate/

How does your organization serve immigrants, refugees, LGBTQ+, and underrepresented communities and causes? *: PUAH is for and by communities on the margins - communities most targeted by hate violence. Our coalition is primarily made up of organizations that service the immigrant, refugee, queer, and people of color communities and the majority of our work focuses on supporting those that are the target of bias-related acts and affecting policy to support safe communities.

How is diversity, equity and inclusion relevant for your organization? *: Our coalition was founded by diverse communities coming together to deal with the surge of hate violence and rhetoric since the 2016 elections. We not only work to meet the needs of the targets of hate but also work to advocate at city and state levels to be more inclusive and equitable in their policies and programs, such as working to expand hate crime laws to include homelessness as a protected class or to make services available in underserved parts of Portland.