Portland Public Bank Alliance

Organization name: Portland Public Bank Alliance

Address: Portland, OR

Organization mission statement: On April 5, the City of Portland voted to divest of corporate securities. This is one of the largest win for corporate divestment in history. Success with setting up a more conscious investment vehicle for Portland tax money will usher a new era of local investment, but failure would likely set back the divestment movement a decade. Portland Public Bank Alliance is an activist group working to ensure that Portland transfers our investment policy to a sound municipal bank; a boring name for a radical, yet financially responsible vehicle based off the State Bank of North Dakota.

Are you a:: Organization

This organization or cause is a 501(c)3 non-profit: No

What groups or causes does your organization serve?: Starting with the tax payers of Portland, Oregon, but hopefully this will be a replicatable model to other municipalities interested in divesting from Wall Street.

Project description: To work with the city in and engendering community support for pioneering a municipal bank.

Project needs: new logo/brand design, brand, marketing, and / or digital strategy, brand messaging / voice, storytelling, website design

Project Timeline: ASAP

How will this creative work help you overcome challenges or meet specific goals?: Frankly, this group only attracts elderly men to the table. Due to the recent divestment, the City of Portland has forced change as there is no other place to invest outside of US Treasuries. This is our moment to get fresh ideas to the table, more diverse participation, and create real and lasting social change.

Current website: http://www.afd-pdx.org/public-bank.html

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