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Brand Design
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Staff portraits
Documentary/storytelling video
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This organization or cause is a 5013C non-profit

What groups or causes does your organization serve?: All groups who experience oppression and inequity in relation to their healthcare. LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, Mental Health Awareness, Reproductive Rights, Cultural Competency, Socioeconomic vulnerability, Record limitations

Project description: Nightingale is an online publication empowering voices that are marginalized from the healthcare conversation, and giving them a platform to ask providers and policymakers for what they need. We will be highlighting and covering advocacy and activism events around the US, and by summer 2017 we will be sending groups of nurses to conduct workshops on cultural competency, tolerance, trauma-informed care, and moral distress in healthcare, academic, and institutional settings.

Current website:

Twitter: Nightingale_Mag
Instagram: _nightingalemag

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