We Are OKC

This project is currently in progress with Indivisible studio partner The Beauty Shop. We are in the process of assembling our volunteer team. If you are an Indivisible creative located in Portland, Oregon and would like to join us to work on this project, please apply below.


Brand designer
Print designer
Social media strategist
Campaign strategist
Squarespace developer
SEO for Squarespace

ORGANIZATION MISSION STATEMENT: We Are OKC brings to light all the faces in Oklahoma that make up the LGBTQ community and provides a platform for those members that work to bring the topics of LGBTQ issues at the trenches of Oklahoma society.


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: We Are OKC website is used to bring attention to gay issues in Oklahoma City and in Oklahoma as a whole. We would like to have a functioning website/blog that allows us to create this platform and have it readily available to the LGBTQ community in Oklahoma.

PROJECT NEEDS: update to existing logo/brand, brand, marketing, and / or digital strategy, brand messaging / voice, website design, website development, marketing strategy, documentary/storytelling video, social media branding, search engine optimization


HOW WILL THIS CREATIVE WORK HELP YOU OVERCOME CHALLENGES OR MEET SPECIFIC GOALS?: Oklahoma has been in the national media several times over regarding their anti-LGBTQ legislation. In 2016 alone, our state legislators, the individuals that were voted into office to make decisions that affect all Oklahomans have introduced 16 pieces of legislation that were meant to marginalize everything we as LGBTQ stand for. 

To create a picture of how much our legislators consider us second class citizens, here are a few notable pieces of legislation that was authored by some of the most hateful members of our legislature highlighted by The Advocate in one of their articles.


If you look at the actual bills that were written and read the wording, it is frightening to read. Oklahoma City has a dark and violent past when it comes to the LGBTQ community and to some respect, the sentiment of that past still exists today. The younger generation of LGBTQ members here in OKC are sick and tired of being marginalized and we are sick of the fact that any topic regarding "gay issues" is almost a taboo subject among the general population.

It is our goal to take that discussion to the trenches of Oklahoma City society. We are working to create a dialogue among the general population in Oklahoma and in OKC that will let everyone know that the gay community does in fact exist and that we are human beings just like everyone else. 

This creative work will give us the opportunity to present our online platform in a more effective way. It will also aid us in providing some needed guidance on how to properly bring attention to our cause.

CURRENT WEBSITE: www.nativeokc.com

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/nativeokc

INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/nativeokc