I am M.O.R.E.

I Am M.O.R.E. (Making Other Resiliency Experiences)

Organization mission statement:

We create experiences that build resiliency and positive virtues in underrepresented youth who have experienced trauma. We also provide opportunities for those youth to inspire and empower others.

Project description: 


I Am M.O.R.E. started in late November 2018 from a teacher's vision to support young people who had been traumatized and lacked confidence, voice and direction. We have done an incredible amount of programming within six months and were invited to perform at our first national conference, in Philadelphia, in late July 2019. We are going through the process of moving from underneath a fiscal agent to become our own nonprofit. We have ideas about training videos, about conference workshops and youth empowerment events. But we need a dynamic branding that will take us from where we are as a fledgling project into a national arena as a financially solid nonprofit that empowers youth and transforms their lives.

How does your organization serve immigrants, refugees, LGBTQ+, and underrepresented communities and causes?

Since we were founded almost six months ago, we have worked almost exclusively with youth of color, immigrants, refugees and other underrepresented youth who have had limited outlets to express their stories and share their voices. Our transformational process helps youth to be able to speak their truth in numerous creative ways, i.e. public storytelling, art, music, dance, etc. Once youth can think more critically about their life experiences and expose the hidden wounds of their trauma, they begin to walk through the world, not as victims, but as heroes of their own re-imagined story

History/About Us (background info and context for the project)

It has been hard to articulate how impactful this program really is. We usually send people to this video to see our work in action because the impact becomes self-explanatory: https://youtu.be/JwcgP_Uw8t4.

Current website: www.IAmMOREresilient.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IAmMOREresilient/