Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center

Project needs: 

Brand Design
Website Design & Development

What community or cause does your organization serve?: Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center (MHIC) was founded in 2008 with the mission to collect, interpret, and preserve the history of Maxville and other multi-ethnic railroad logging communities in Oregon. The history of multicultural logging communities had not been archived or interpreted in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, but their contributions affect (and continue to affect) rural populations throughout the region. Our collection illustrates, through interviews, photos, textiles, and artifacts, the many ethnic groups that contributed to our communities in our region. 

Historically, Oregon law excluded African Americans, and federal law excluded Chinese and Japanese, yet these people came here, contributed here, and thrived here. In a community and country that continues to face racial divide, MHIC is committed to the preservation of the history of these multicultural families of Oregon. MHIC believes that it is only by preserving, understanding and sharing Oregon’s history that we can move forward as a community that together, calls this state home. 

This multicultural heritage, an ever-present element of rural living since the early 1900s, is currently neither taught in our schools nor accessible through public or educational institutions. Due to Maxville’s remote location, the local youth have little to no offerings of cultural history. Therefore, awareness of the contributions of the multicultural descendants of our rural logging communities is little known. MHIC seeks to reveal that history.

Project description: Maxville Heritage has been working hard for almost ten years and the amazing work that has been driven by its founder, Gwen Trice has reached a global audience. As the center continues to grow it is imperative that their web presence accurately display the phenomenal work that has been done. We are seeking to have a complete website redesign for the Maxville Heritage Center.

How will this creative work help you overcome challenges or meet specific goals?: The website will help us to achieve the following:

1. Expand our network: Maxville is an interpretative center and relies on visitors to sustain our work and to share the history we are preserving. We believe that a better website will drive more visitors to come visit us when they are in Wallowa County. Furthermore we also work in partnerships with other historical societies and our web presence will help foster these connections.

2. Drive financial support: The center is in a huge period of growth but that can only be sustained through the continued support of grants. Having a website that better tells our story and shows our timeline of growth and progress will help us continue to foster and sustain funding.

3. Expand the reach of our work: Maxville Heritage works to preserve historical photos and oral histories for future generations. We hope to broaden the impact of these collections by highlighting a selection of our archives on the website so that our work can reach more people.

Project Timeline: ASAP

Current website: