Iowa Abortion Access Fund

This project is currently in progress with Indivisible studio partner The Beauty Shop. We are currently assembling our volunteer team. If you are an Indivisible creative located in Portland, Oregon and would like to join us to work on this project, please apply below.

Team member volunteers needed:

Brand designer
Print designer
Social media strategist
Campaign strategist

Organization mission statement: IAAF is dedicated to the belief that the freedom to choose legal abortion should be available to everyone and we are committed to providing access to abortion services for those who lack the resources.

This organization or cause is a 5013C non-profit: Yes

What groups or causes does your organization serve?: We serve women who struggling financially. This may be women on Medicaid since the Hyde Amendment prevents coverage for abortion, but also immigrants, minors, or just women experiencing hardship.

Project description: Our fund is about 35 years old, the second oldest in the nation. However our growth has been stagnant for awhile, in terms of donors and dollars. We believe part of the reason is simply Midwest culture and what is or isn't polite to talk about. Also we believe reproductive justice activists have needed to focus efforts on the legislative changes and eroding of our rights.

Project needs: new logo/brand design, update to existing logo/brand, brand, marketing, and / or digital strategy, brand messaging / voice, illustration, website design, brochure(s), business cards, billboards, marketing strategy, advertising campaign, digital newsletter design, social media branding

Project Timeline: 1 year+

How will this creative work help you overcome challenges or meet specific goals?: We have no timeline. We need to reach new demographics and engage our supporters.

Current website: