The Bus Project

The Bus Project is a 16 year old 501c3 and 501c4 organization based in Portland Oregon. We had a brand refresh in 2015. Now it’s time for a rebrand.

We seek to rebrand for three major reasons: 1) we don't work in transit, 2) to align with a stronger values position, and 3) to establish permanency.


The Bus Project is a leader in the democracy movement and occupies a unique role in Oregon as the leading youth engagement organization in this work. We know that by giving young people a bigger voice in politics we’ll have better ideas and a better chance at closing disparities. Believing in the power of the young vote has led us to massive victories. We passed the nation’s first automatic voter registration law and pre-voter registration for 16-year olds. We also led the charge to implement online voter registration (way back in 2008), and protect and add drop box locations throughout the state. Because of our work, 90.2% of eligible Oregonians are registered to vote and generations of young Oregonians identify with us as their political home and voting rights as a central passion. This gives us huge opportunity for electoral justice as we fight to change the structural barriers that are creating the biggest disparities for our generations.


As a youth-led organization, with all staff and board under 35-years-old, we understand how millennials and generation Z organize and the issues that affect us most. With our multi-pronged approach to engaging youth in civics, we can rebalance our democracy to lift-up the voices of historically disenfranchised Oregonians. By shifting power through broadening the leadership pipeline, we open the doors to more people of color, women, immigrants and refugees, LGBTQ, and low-income youth to become public service leaders. We know that when our elected officials more accurately reflect Oregon’s demographics, we can achieve better policy outcomes for our communities--policies that advance racial and gender justice, and that build an economy that protects and provides for workers and their families. We seek to equip young people with an understanding of leadership, intersectionality and an anti-racist analysis that will challenge the sense of what is possible and urgent. These young leaders are the future of Oregon and will be adequately trained to make direct and impactful change. We prioritize developing our constituency, base, and members, and giving them decision making power in our work as well as their cohorts.