North Clackamas Urban Watersheds Council

Mission statement: To protect and enhance our watersheds’ water quality, fish, and wildlife habitat

Are you a:: Organization

This project is for a 501(c)3 non-profit organization: Yes

Is your primary mission to serve POC, refugees, LGBTQ+, immigrants, or an underrepresented community? : No

How does your business serve POC, immigrants, refugees, LGBTQ+, or an underrepresented community or cause? : 51% of the population of our watersheds (Kellogg/Mt. Scott, Rinearson, Boardman & River Forest watersheds in North Clackamas County) are ranked as "vulnerable" by the Social Vulnerability Index, which consideres a range of factors (race, income, disability, rent burden, etc.). The povery rate is 25%, nearly twice the Oregon statewide rate of 13.3%. The population id 34% people of color, and 9% speak a language other than English at home. Poverty, race and language all pose systemic barriers to reducing exposure to pollutants and engaging in environmental issues (EPA 2018).

How will this creative work help you overcome challenges or meet specific goals?: Our logo is outdated and no longer reflects the organziation's work. To effectively engage the community, we need to update our logo and branding materials. As a small organization with no in-house graphic design expertise and without sufficient targeted funds for branding update, pro bono services are essential to our success.

Current website: