Living Yoga

Project needs: 

Logo/Brand Design
Brand Messaging & Storytelling
Web Design & Development
Marketing and Digital Strategy
Social Media Branding

Organization mission statement: Living Yoga's mission is to change lives by fostering healing and resilience in vulnerable and marginalized communities through trauma-informed yoga.

Are you a: Organization

This organization or cause is a 501(c)3 non-profit: Yes

What community or cause does your organization serve?: We serve youth and adults who are impacted by the effects of trauma and adverse experiences. We provide 35 trauma-informed yoga classes per week to an average of 660 students per month at 23 partner sites, including prisons, correctional facilities, mental health programs, drug and alcohol treatment centers, and community health clinics. Our classes are taught by our 160 active volunteers who we train and support to provide trauma-informed yoga. Our students have often faced poverty, homelessness, incarceration, sexual abuse, child abuse, addiction, and/or mental illness, and yoga and mindfulness brings them healing and reconnects them to their body and mind.

Project description: Living Yoga is entering its 20th year of service in 2018! We are in need of re-branding, to reach a wider audience, to bring more diversity and inclusion into our corp of volunteers and into our donor base and leadership opportunities. 

We would like to update our existing logo and develop a complete branding strategy that can be applied to our website, our social media campaigns, all communications, and our marketing materials for our training events and volunteer/donor outreach.

How will this creative work help you overcome challenges or meet specific goals?: Living Yoga has grown tremendously since it started as a grassroots organization 19 years ago. We have some big goals for 2018-2020, which all require a branding strategy and marketing efforts. 

Our Strategic Priorities include: 
1. Increase and Diversify Sustainable Sources of Mission-Aligned Funding
This includes marketing our training and continuing education workshop events, and our fundraising events and campaigns, as well as updating our program collateral for use in grant proposals and with potential donors.  

2. Strengthen and Diversify Meaningful Community Relationships
This includes communications and marketing to potential and existing partners sites, community organizations and collaborating field experts, students and alumni, potential and existing volunteers, donors, etc. 

3. Further Develop and Implement Evaluation Tools to Provide Significant Metrics Used to Inform Program Planning and Program Management
This includes considering how our marketing and communications impact the return rate of our evaluation tools and the effectiveness of our evaluation methods. 

We do not currently have funds available for our logo redesign and branding strategy consulting, but we recognize that they are critical to our success in these strategic areas. A pro bono logo and branding strategy project would allow us to keep momentum going with our strategic goals while committing to a sustainability plan that includes branding strategy investments in future budgeting. 

Our next big fundraising campaign is Yogathon, which runs the month of April, 2018. If at all possible, we would love to work with someone before this, so we can use our new branding strategy in the Yogathon campaign communications. We realize this timing may not be possible and would be interested in working with someone as soon as the opportunity arises.

Project Timeline: ASAP

Current website:

Facebook: @LivingYoga

Instagram: @ livingyogaor