B Local PDX Immigrant Stories Book

Project needs: 

Book Editing
Book Design

Organization mission statement: To engage Portland’s diverse B Corp community by providing a compelling support network that shares best practices and creates partnerships with non-profit, educational, government and business leaders, building Portland’s standing as a leading force for triple-bottom-line good in the world (and to have a boatload of fun while doing it!)

Are you a: Organization

This organization or cause is a 501(c)3 non-profit: Yes

What community or cause does your organization serve?: The nearly 100 certified B Corps in Oregon support the communities, environment and employees in the location we operate.

Project description: We will be compiling interviews from newcomers and long established community members that by choice or necessity left their home country to live in the United States. These experiences are being gathered for a book with the intent of connecting people through commonality and perspective across all man made boarders. This book will be given out a correlating event that highlights the stories and experiences of immigrants and supports these members of our community.

How will this creative work help you overcome challenges or meet specific goals?: This work will help create connections within our community and bring perspective on the varying experiences that bring people to the Portland area. We want to provide something that will resonate with people after the event. This provides an opportunity for people to share their stories provides insight and context into the lives of a population that often seem to fly under the radar. 

Storytelling is a part of life, intrinsic to most cultures. They help people make sense of the world--life’s experiences, dilemmas and hardships. Stories can educate, inspire and build rapport. They are a means of communicating, recreating, and helping preserve cultures by translating memories into a more concrete manner that can be handed down verbally or in written form. Stories help make sense of the insensible. Telling the story can provide the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of one’s experiences and oneself.

Project Timeline: 3-6 months

Current website: https://www.blocalpdx.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PDXBLocal/