Arinze’s Dream Academy

Organization mission statement:

I am Arinze McGee, a 10 year old from Portland, Oregon. Four years ago, visiting family in Liberia - I observed many children were selling in the streets and markets and learned that many kids did not go to school.

As children it is important to play and learn. For the past four years – I’ve had a no present policy at my birthday parties. Instead – I’ve asked guests to bring soccer and basketball equipment. Reaching double digits on May 16, 2018  - I wanted to take my idea to another level. I was recently interviewed on XRAY FM and on the local news.


"Arinze turned 10 years old in May and kept hounding his mother that it was now time to launch his charity. The boxes of sports equipment weren't enough in his ambitious eyes, he wanted to raise $10,000 to help send the kids to sports camps and school.

"When I reach that goal, it's just going to feel so accomplishing because, man, I've been grinding for the past four years," McGee said."

Project description: 

Content Strategy, Squarespace Website

Arinze’s Dream Academy is a charity led by 10 year old Arinze McGee of Portland, Oregon. Arinze’s Dream Academy provides sports equipment and school opportunities for children in Liberia. They are in need of a website and content strategy to help tell their story.




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