Mission statement: For most people of size, the bigger we get, the smaller our world becomes. The fear of breaking a chair or not fitting in a booth keeps many of us from visiting new places. 

AllGo’s mission is to keep the world from shrinking for plus-size people. Any time the question “Can we all go?” is asked, we want the answer to be a resounding yes.

AllGo is a review site where people of size rate the comfort and accessibility of public places, so we can go out more, with less anxiety.

Project Deliverables:

Developer-ready on-brand high-fidelity wireframes. Delivered in Sketch.

10-20 screens.

ALLGO will provide general wireframes/specs and look to you to design high-fidelity versions and ensure we are using common design language. Here are some of the pages we'll be looking for:

  • Web app landing page w/ search fields

  • Search results page

  • Category pages

  • Car detail page

  • Model comparison page

And as New York Times best-selling author Roxane Gay puts it: “The bigger you are, the smaller your world becomes.”

Very overweight and obese people make up one-third of the US population. Despite representing such a huge market, we lack access to information across multiple industries that would enable us to draw simple but meaningful conclusions regarding the extent to which products, services, and experiences will afford us the comfort and access we need.

Regarding our community's experience of public spaces in particular, ninety-five percent of plus-size people experience anxiety when going somewhere new. To ease our anxiety about going to new places, we search for information online only to find ourselves flipping through irrelevant photos on Yelp and trying to extrapolate the information they need from narrative sections of reviews.  

Brands committed to serving plus-size consumers also have no clear channel to reach an aggregate community of plus-size shoppers online. This makes it difficult for brands to justify the costs of adapting their offerings and developing and delivering options for the plus-size community.  

AllGo is the plus-size community’s source for trusted & relevant information about:
- Places we want to go
- Products we want to purchase
- Services we want to access
- Experiences we want to try
- The dignity that comes from interacting in a world designed with your body in mind.

How will this creative work help you overcome challenges or meet specific goals?: One of the biggest challenges facing plus-size consumers is buying, renting, and using automobiles. The interiors of today's cars are smaller than ever, but the industry is not paying attention to how this affects plus-size consumers. 

Take, for example, the current-year Chevy Suburban, one of the largest vehicles on the market. It's front seats only provide 24 inches of hip room each, just a few inches more than economy airline seats. If the Suburban is not comfortable for plus-size people, which cars are?

Answering this question has been very difficult for plus-size car shoppers, until now. AllGo has conducted extensive user and product research and is ready to publish the comprehensive database of car specifications ever compiled. Our database includes 10 more data points than Kelly Blue Book and offers details about the top 350 car makes and models sold in the U.S.

We need a UX designer to help us design this database so it delights our users. We have worked incredibly hard to source this data and it deserves the highest-quality presentation and user interface.