Happy Lab Media

Project needs: 

Logo/Brand Design
Brand Messaging
Website Design & Development
Social Media Branding

Organization mission statement: The mission of Happy Lab Media is to create stories that specifically will be centered around children of color, multi-ethnic children, women, gender neutral and nontraditional families. We will collaborate and work with teams, illustrators, story tellers to craft meaningful and honest work that allows these children to be the protagonists of these stories. We do this because every child deserves to be the hero of their own story. We will work endlessly to craft stories that highlight love, empathy, compassion and understanding. With these core values, we shall create a vast new canon literature that accurately reflects our families, neighbors and communities. If we wish the world to be a better place, with equality for all, then we need to start somewhere. Why not here.

Are you a: Small Business

This organization or cause is a 501(c)3 non-profit: No

What community or cause does your organization serve?: Happy Lab Media hopes to serve (though not exclusively) authors/illustrators and children from ethnically diverse backgrounds, multi-ethnic children, women, nontraditional families and gender fluid/neutral/trans children. We believe these families to be under represented in the world of children's literature ages (2-9). We do as well believe that these books and stories will be of value to all children and families seeking to teach their children the value and compassion that all children deserve through these same books.

Project description: The goal is to create a website to attract prospective authors and illustrators, as well as be a place that parents, educators, children can land on to learn more and get free materials, as well possibly purchase books and other media from us directly. To do that, we'll need our online presence to not compete with, but to make space for all the authors and illustrators out there who have been rejected for having work that was seen as not marketable. We're trying to create that market. 

Once we have published 4-6 books, our goal is to create a fully self-funded non-profit that will donate the books we publish to head start programs, pre-schools, public libraries and schools for free. It's vital that children grow up knowing that they can be heroes, that people who look like them are good, can do good and that they have a voice. We hope we'll be able to successfully spread the idea of "equal imagination" once we have the basic roots in the soil that are needed in today's market (ie, social media presence, captivating website and logo).

How will this creative work help you overcome challenges or meet specific goals?:  It will be essential for Happy Lab to have a viable social media presence to share articles, stories, advertise and connect with perspective partners and illustrators and authors. We not only wish to publish stories that serve the needs mentioned in our mission statement, but also need to be authentic about it—which means giving a voice to adults who used to be the children we hope to write for and serve.

In addition, it is essential to have a vibrant, clean, and warm website that parents and children can come to and grasp our main intention: that, rather than being exclusive, our books and message is about equality of imagination for all children. 

A website full of photographs of young diverse children would be an honest portrayal of the communities we hope to serve. 

With a viable site and social media presence, we'll attract authors and designers more efficiently, which will set us in motion towards our 501(c)3 foundation, devoted to giving back.

Project needs: new logo/brand design, brand messaging / voice, photography, website design, website development, social media branding

Other project needs not listed above:

Project Timeline: 3-6 months

Current website: www.happylabmedia.com

Twitter: happylabmedia