For most people of size, the bigger we get, the smaller our world becomes. The fear of breaking a chair or not fitting in a booth keeps many of us from visiting new places.  AllGo is a review site where people of size rate the comfort and accessibility of public places, so we can go out more, with less anxiety.

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CAIR-Oregon: Empowered. Muslims. Delivering social change.

CAIR-Oregon believes that Muslims are an integral part of American society. We empower the Oregon Muslim community to be engaged citizens and protect the civil liberties of all American Muslims facing discrimination of any kind.

An advertising campaign strategy and implementation focused on fundraising and outreach will allow us to advocate for Muslim civil liberties and to educate communities in Oregon about the causes and impacts of Islamophobia.

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National Alliance on Mental Illness, (NAMI) Multnomah County

NAMI serves to improve the quality of life for individuals and families living with mental illness through support, education, and advocacy. NAMI Multnomah helps educate people in the Portland metro area about mental health issues. We hold regular educational events, weekly support groups, and quarterly classes. They are in need of a chapter-specific logo and brand guide based on the national brand guidelines.

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