B Local PDX Immigrant Stories Book


B Local PDX engages Portland’s diverse B Corp community by providing a compelling support network that shares best practices and creates partnerships with non-profit, educational, government and business leaders. We will be compiling interviews from newcomers and long established community members that by choice or necessity left their home country to live in the United States.

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Refugee Disability Benefits Oregon

Chloe Fields x VISIBLE

Serving refugees/immigrants that have suffered severe physical and/or mental health issues due to war-related violence and trauma, torture, familial abuse, or inadequate health care for injuries sustained. They have come from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Russia, Bhutan, Burma, Bosnia, Sudan, Haiti, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cuba, Cambodia, China, Laos and Vietnam. 

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Happy Lab Media

Happy Lab Media's mission is to publish books that are specifically centered around children of color, multi-ethnic children, women, gender neutral and nontraditional families. We will collaborate and work with teams, illustrators, story tellers to craft meaningful and honest work that allows these children to be the protagonists of these stories.

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