Yemen Peace Project


Project Status: Completed

Studio Partners Presence Agency re-designed and re-launched the Yemen Peace Project website, blog and podcast in February 2017. 

The Yemen Peace Project is no stranger to dealing with cyber-attacks, and after the election, the New York based nonprofit knew it couldn’t wait any longer to create a more secure website. Hundreds of Yemeni Americans depend on the Yemen Peace Project’s website for trustworthy information and advocacy resources. So William Picard, the organization’s executive director, reached out to the founders of Visible. We posted the project to Visible members on our social media channels.

Within 24 hours, Studio Partner Presence Agency saw our post and volunteered to take on the project. Presence was able to quickly re-design and secure their website from cyber attack, and a couple weeks later, Presence Agency had the Yemen Peace Project’s new secure site up and running.

Work completed to date:

Yemen Peace Project Website

Estimated Donated Value: $6,500

Project Team

Studio Partners
Presence Agency