XXcelerate Fund


Project Status: Completed

The XXcelerate Fund imagines a world where funding high-performing women entrepreneurs is the norm, not the exception.

Despite starting businesses at twice the rate of men, 97+% of venture investment and 95% of bank loans goes to all-men startups. Improved gender parity in the US has the potential to increase GDP by $4.3T by 2025. They are dedicated to providing funding, education, and support to women-owned businesses.

Smith & Connors hosted and facilitated a day-long retreat with XXcelerate board and staff members. Together we explored ideas about the next steps for growth and evolution of the organization.

Project Team

Studio Partners
Smith & Connors

Works Completed:

• Meeting Facilitation
• Strategy Document

Articulated organization’s mission/vision/values. Created a map of current and potential partners in business, philanthropy, culture, and government. Profiled target audiences. Outlined key messages and talking points.

Donated Value: $5,000

James Wilson