Stempathy helps science and tech companies build diverse, inclusive teams by addressing structural barriers and cultural norms with a focus on changing the power structures that result in systemic de-valuation of women, people of color, and other marginalized groups in technical fields.

When tech companies do not explicitly address gender or race (under the guise of 'neutrality'), the default is straight, white, cis-gender, able-bodied men who are comfortable with traditionally masculine concepts of self-promotion and competition. This is the population that most corporations are designed for. We want everyone else who does not fit into this narrow mold to be equally valued at work.

“When I first saw the open project posting for Stempathy on Visible, I knew this was a cause I wanted to get behind. Being a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and having a partner who works in the STEM field, I’m well aware of how exclusive it can feel at times. Working at Coates Kokes—a brand agency that focuses on work around good—I was able to work together with our team and with Stempathy to create a complete branding system that reflects their core values.

They originally asked for just a logo, though we felt there is much more to a brand than just the mark. Stempathy now has the tools they need to branch out with a brand that will grow with them. I'm really excited to see the impact and positive change Stempathy will have in the STEM field.”

—James Wilson, Lead Designer

Project Team:

Coates Kokes Creative Agency

James Wilson
Graphic Designer
Project Lead
Branding/layout and design

Steve Kokes
President & Strategic Director
Strategic planning

Mike Sheen
Vice President & Creative Director
Creative input and direction

Erin McGuire
Studio Manager & Senior Designer
Creative input

Briana Romancier
Brand Manager & Designer
Creative input

Kellie O’Rourke
Office Manager
Proofing/copy editing

Donated Services:

Logo development, content strategy, printed collateral, social media assets

Donated Value:


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