Soft Landing Missoula


Soft Landing Missoula (SLM) helps Missoula, Montana, to be a welcoming, supportive and informed community that assists refugees to integrate and thrive.

They are committed to providing community education and outreach to make this endeavor as positive as possible for Missoulians and the refugees joining the community. SLM provides ongoing support to refugees by helping them meet their physical, spiritual, and social needs as they settle into the community.

“I heard about Soft Landing Missoula through social media and really admired what they were doing.

I had donated some small items (like winter coats), but had not reached out in any other way. After the election, I was feeling every emotion—fear, anger, frustration, sadness—and, inspired by Visible's proclamation, decided to act locally. I reached out to SLM through their website and offered my design services. In January, they contacted me to become part of their Communications Subcommittee. I had a fun first project of creating a design for their fundraising apparel. Since then, I've helped with various print materials and branding for their upcoming World Refugee Day soccer tournament. I continue to work with this incredible organization who has helped to welcome 25+ families to our community. Missoula now has families from Syria, Iraq, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Democratic Republic of the Congo. When I stop into the SLM Resource Center, I always see smiling faces, happy families, and a vibrant, international community. It makes my day every time and keeps me feeling positive in this dark political environment.”

— Jenn Prinzing, designer

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Social Club 406 / Jenn Prinzing

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