Refugee Disability Benefits Oregon (RDBO) is the first organization in the country to focus exclusively on providing legal representation for refugees and immigrants with different abilities.

As RDBOs work expands beyond legal services, the organization needs a brand and online presence that is representative of the holistic work they do to strengthen social services for refugees and immigrants in Oregon. 

Under the new name, RISE: Refugee & Immigrant Services and Empowerment, the organization can continue to grow its network of services, with an focus on empowerment. The new website provides a bright, clean, accessible space for RISE to celebrate its work and communicate with clients and service providers. 


“RDBO’s (Refugee Disability Benefits of Oregon) mission to represent and advocate for the refugee and immigrant community of the Northwest is one that I was happy to support. Because RDBO was expanding both their services as well as the population they serve, we worked together to rename, rebrand, and relaunch their site. Now RISE (Refugee & Immigrant Services and Empowerment), through clearer & more current messaging and an updated look, has the ability to reach new community members and is better positioned to educate the public & receive donation support. We couldn’t be more excited for them.”

Chloe Fields, Designer

“My first job out of college, I worked with attorneys who provided pro bono legal services for immigrant and refugee clients – so when Visible presented the opportunity to work with RDBO, I was immediately hooked. I'm so glad to have been able to provide support to Cheryl and her team as they expand their services and help Oregon better support immigrants and refugees. We were able to partner to give them a refreshed brand that will help carry them toward the future and more accurately share the breadth of their work.”

Katie Tiehen, Visible Project Manager

Project Team

Chloe Fields, designer
Katie Tiehen, project manager

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