Portland United Against Hate


Portland United Against Hate (PUAH) is a coalition of local and regional organizations and governments working together to improve the way the city responds to hate crimes. PUAH led the creation of an online hate crime reporting tool and provides support and services for people who are victims of hate crimes.

Studio DAD was brought on to help create a brochure that PUAH could use to spread awareness of their efforts and as a tool to lobby for city funding. 

However, after our first discussion with PUAH, and a review of their existing materials, we all agreed that a logo redesign would benefit the organization as well. 

Our round 1 presentation included conceptual options for the logo redesign and further questions about PUAH’s goals for the brochure.

As we started the redesign process, we were invited to a retreat attended by a wide array of PUAH’s partner organizations. We met with a lot of great people and learned more about how PUAH’s coalition works together. This was a chance to gather background info and content for the brochure. Back at the office, we also took the opportunity to coordinate with PUAH’s print vendor, so there wouldn’t be any surprises down the road.

Our round 2 presentation included multiple logo redesign options as well as multiple copy and layout options for the brochure.

PUAH circulated the presentation to their stakeholders and came back with some decisions.

The next round included an approved logo and brochure design along with some content updates.

The final deliverable included the final brochure print files, logo files, style guide and all working files.

Project Team:

Studio DAD

Peter Dean, Writer
Tess Donohoe, Designer

Donated Services:

Visual identity redesign
Logo, color, typography, secondary visual elements, style guide

Brochure creation
Copywriting, graphic design, production design

Donated Value:


The Beauty Shop Studio