LEAP - Liberia's Education Athletic Program


LEAP: Liberia’s Education Athletic Program is a charity led by 10 year old Arinze McGee of Portland, Oregon that raises funds to provide sports equipment and school opportunities for children in Liberia.

Arinze has been collecting donated sports equipment to send to children in Liberia for several years. When he turned 10 years old, Arinze decided that it was now time to launch his charity. He wanted to raise $10,000 to help send the kids to sports camps and school.

Arinze’s mother contacted Visible for volunteer help to create a website and content strategy to help tell Arinze’s story and boost fundraising efforts.

Leah Braunsten, a designer whose previous clients have included Nike, Autodesk, and Curiosity volunteered to provide all these services and more to create a complete brand and website package to support Arinze’s organization.

“When I reach that goal, it’s just going to feel so accomplishing because, man, I’ve been grinding for the past four years.”

— Arinze McGee

Congrats Arinze! We’re cheering you on and look forward to seeing the great work your organization is going to accomplish!

Project Team:

Leah Braunstein

Donated Services:

Naming, logo development, content strategy, Squarespace website


Donated Value:


The Beauty Shop Studio