Iowa Abortion Access Fund


Project Status: In progress, Phase 1 completed

IAAF is dedicated to the belief that the freedom to choose legal abortion should be available to everyone. They are committed to providing access to abortion services for those who lack the resources.

The Challenge:

IAAF is about 35 years old, the second oldest abortion access fund in the nation. However their growth has been stagnant for awhile, in terms of donors and dollars. 

We seek to rebrand IAAF and create a campaign that increases visibility and donor support so that the organization can serve more women in need.

Work completed to date:

Phase 1: Re-branding
Status: Complete
Donated Value: $3,500

Phase 1 Project Team

Studio Partners
The Beauty Shop

Visible Members
Thomas Nevarez
Holly Hawk Creative
Joe Maher
Jules Rovegno

Up Next:

Phase 2:
Website redesign, e-commerce and Printful integration
Status: In progress
Projected Donated Value: $8,500

Phase 3:
Fundraising Campaign Strategy
1 minute campaign spot for social media and airtime

Status: In progress
Projected Donated Value: $15, 000 – $35,000