Hatch Window Graphic


Hatch Innovation Lab is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization providing community and working spaces to small startup non-profits. Their mission is to enable citizens to launch enterprises that improve communities.

The exterior of the Hatch building needed a refresh - a way of conveying Hatch's mission and services in the form of a mural. It also needed to be functional, acting as a privacy screen for the offices inside. 


“For this project we chose to illustrate Oregon’s diverse landscape and economic regions. The window graphic starts in the mountains and moves across the valley to the coast, representing Hatch’s entrepreneurs here in Portland and beyond.

This window treatment also played a part in acting as a visual privacy screen. Keeping the lower half of the graphic fairly full helped to create a visual barrier between the office spaces and busy street.”

— Pat & Jack O'Connor, BLEND DESIGN co.

Project Team

Blend Design co.

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Graphic Development, Site Specs and Production Ready Artwork

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