Chacala Foundation


Project Status: Complete

Chacala Cultural Foundation exists to promote Chacala, Mexico and the beautiful Riviera Nayarit coast as high quality artistic destinations and encourage cultural development in the town and region. To encourage tourism and local artistic development, they put on a variety of events throughout the year attracting talent from elsewhere in Mexico, the United States, and beyond. They're also launching a new event this year in the form of a culinary festival. For the last several months, Visible Studio Partner d51 has been working with them to streamline five individual websites they manage into a single new bilingual site that reflects all of the events they do and is easy for their team to update and keep current. 


Project Team

Chacala Cultural Foundation
District 51 & Sarah Rubin

Works Completed & donated Value:

SEO Strategy $800

Redesigned Website $5400

During this same process, in excess of $1,000 in unnecessary annual costs were also discovered and corrected.


James Wilson