10 reasons to become a Visible Studio Partner:



Being a Visible Studio Partner enriches studio culture by providing a way for your team members to support their community and organizations they are passionate about from within the workplace. Pro bono projects can give your junior team members the chance to lead and grow, and bring teams who don’t always work together a chance to get to know each other and collaborate. 



Already doing pro bono work? You’re in good company! Many of our Studio Partners already have pro bono clients of their own, and their existing pro bono projects serve to fulfill their pledge with us. For these studios, joining Visible is a gesture of solidarity, and a way to use their influence within the design industry to inspire others to do good.

New to pro bono work? Welcome! Visible can help connect you with organizations in need and familiarize your studio about what to expect when working with pro bono clients.



Studios and agencies are our most influential members. The greater your position within the design community, the more impact your pledge has to inspire others to take action.



While there is no requirement for Studio Partners to work on projects through Visible, our network is always available to connect your studio with projects from organizations in need.



Open projects are added to our website weekly, and focus on opportunities to help smaller, grassroots nonprofits and organizations that are in need of quality, agency-level creative work to increase visibility for their cause.



Visible can help connect you with talented volunteers to help reinforce your in-house team and allow you to offer more to your pro bono clients. Our network of independent volunteer creatives is currently 300+ strong, spans 30 states, and  includes copywriters, strategists, developers, designers, photographers, illustrators, videographers, and more! Visible collaborations often lead to long-term partnerships for good.



Offering internships that focus on work for Visible projects is a great way to mentor future generations of creative professionals that want to work for good.



Our staff is hard at work developing partnerships with service providers such as software and hardware providers, weekly newspapers, CMS platforms, online printing services, and e-newsletter platforms to provide services for Visible projects at free or discounted rates, allowing your studio to offer more to your pro bono clients with limited budgets.



We love to share project updates, photos, and quotes from your team and clients about your pro bono projects though our social networks and website to help spread the word about your good work and help inspire others.  



There is no fee to become a Visible Studio Partner.



So, what are you waiting for? Join us! A vector file of your logo is all we’ll need to add a link to your studio on the Visible website and make a social media post announcing your pledge.