Project needs: 

• storytelling
• ux/ui design
• user interface design
• development for Android

This organization or cause is a 501(c)3 non-profit: No

What groups or causes does your organization serve?: We serve advocacy groups such as the League of Women Voters and National Organization For Women

Project description: Voices is a mobile phone app that helps people support the groups and causes they care about. Our voices are stronger when we act together. We have a web app that allows groups to compose calls-to-action that get delivered to people's mobile devices. Users open up the action on the mobile app to see their elected officials already presented to them. We are working to remove every possible barrier that prevents someone from taking civic action. Voices has about 3000 downloads and a few advocacy group partnerships, so we're doing something right, but we need help to grow. We are 3-4 volunteers and are generating about $100/month total through our partnerships. We are going to decide to incorporate as a notforprofit or corporation in the future once we generate more traction.

Current website: TryVoices.com
Twitter: TryVoices