Refugee Disability Benefits Oregon Video

Project needs: 

Promotional Video
Documentary/Storytelling Video

Organization mission statement: RDBO promotes justice for refugees and immigrants with different abilities through:

  • Legal representation enabling refugees and immigrants to obtain the federal disability benefits for which they are qualified

  • Training for refugees and immigrants, their families and their communities to empower them to understand and support refugees and immigrants with different abilities as they seek healthcare, explore options ranging from disability benefits to vocational opportunities and seek services in the community;  

  • Training healthcare providers, social security decision-makers, and judges who interact with refugees and immigrants in cultural competency and understanding of the refugee and immigrant experience; 

  • Advocacy for public policy changes needed to ensure just treatment for refugees and immigrants with different abilities.

Are you a: Organization

This organization or cause is a 501(c)3 non-profit: Yes

What community or cause does your organization serve?: We work with individuals, their families and communities who have suffered severe physical and/or mental health issues due to war-related violence and trauma, torture, familial abuse, or inadequate health care for injuries sustained. The people we work with have come from countries all over the world, including Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Russia, Bhutan, Burma, Bosnia, Sudan, Haiti, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cuba, Cambodia, China, Laos and Vietnam.

Project description: We are looking for a videographer to help us tell our story. While the concept of refugees and immigrants is well-understood, we work with and empower a niche subset -- those who suffer from disabilities, including both mental health and physical damage as a result of war-related violence, trauma, and torture. It is challenging to tell that story in a compelling short video that is respectful of our clients (they cannot be viewed full face on screen) and helps the viewer to understand what we are doing, which includes legal representation as well as programs to help them and their families.

How will this creative work help you overcome challenges or meet specific goals?: We believe in the power of a video to tell a story in a powerful way. This would help us educate the public and engage individual donors and foundations in our work.

Project Timeline: 3-6 months

Current website: