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Websites. Logos. Photography. Video. Graphic design.

If you’re a nonprofit or grassroots organization working to advance a cause, our network of volunteers is standing by to help you amplify your message.


Do you qualify for free creative services from Visible?

In order for a project to qualify, it must meet at least 2 of the following 3 criteria:


  1. The project will benefit a marginalized or underserved community. The benefit to the community will have a measurable impact.
  2. The project is for a non-profit organization, charitable cause, or not-for-profit grassroots organization that does not have a budget allocated for marketing or creative services, and would be unable to access these resources otherwise.
  3. The project is for a resistance effort with over 50% of proceeds being donated to a charitable organization.


Individual or personal projects, business start-ups or ideas, and for-profit businesses are not eligible for services through Visible.


Is your organization in need of a website, logo, video, or other creative work to help you reach your audience?

Add your project to have it promoted to our alliance of volunteer creative professionals.

Our current average wait time to be paired with a creative team to receive free creative services is 2-3 months.