Share Your Work and Be Visible


It’s been a year—Don't be shy!


We've grown so much this last year, and we are thrilled to see how Visible has evolved since first launching on January 20th, 2017. It's great to see the hard work Visible members have completed for the causes they have volunteered to support. 


Did you complete your pledge last year? We want to share your amazing work with the world. Let's keep the momentum going, and inspire others to take action. Sharing your work can help inspire people to join us in a commitment to increasing access to the work of the creative industry as a means to influence social change. So go on, pat yourself on the back, and let’s show the world what it looks like when a network of passionate creative professionals work together to create an impact.


Don’t be shy! This is the time to brag about what you've been up to the last year. Share your work with us by tagging #visiblealliance

James Wilson