Person People + Depave at M&M Marketplace

Happy autumn, everyone! With season changes come comfy weather, fall spices, and more ways to get involved and show our resistance. We headed to Hillsboro this past Saturday at M&M Marketplace to get an insight on the action that our studio partner, Person People, was capturing with Depave. To give a little background, M&M Marketplace is a multicultural market in Hillsboro that has been operating for about 17 years. They promote cultural diversity and invite anyone to come be a part of their market. Depave—an organization that engages communities and reconnects urban landscapes to nature through action-oriented projects—came out with an outstanding amount of volunteers to do some depaving and landscaping work around the market.


Person People had their videographer, Dorian Warneck, on the scene to get some footage of all the action. The day was filled with activities, music, and live performances while volunteers were hard at work. It showed us what it looks like when people of all different backgrounds can come together and make a difference. It's teams like these that make us proud of this movement.

James Wilson