Help Wanted—w(HERE)


Happy Thursday everyone! We are still in need of a team to tackle a website design and brand expansion for a great cause. W(here) is a new collective of designers, illustrators, makers, creatives and beyond, who are POC (people of color) and LGBTQ+. This is a great client to work with that relates very closely to our cause of helping give marginalized groups a voice. Instead of just discussing the lack of diversity in creative industries, they want to become part of a movement that would showcase creatives of color (COC) and LGBTQ+ visibility.

They are hoping for either LGBTQ+ or POC designers to help out, but this job is open to anyone! So show your pride by taking the pledge to help them out. You can read more about the project here, and you can check out their amazing work on their Instagram @w.hereweare.

James Wilson