Toni Smith

Name: Toni Smith

Professional title: Owner/Executive Creative Director

Portfolio link:

City: Portland

State: Oregon

Bio: For the past 25 years, Toni has helped build global iconographic brands, transformed retail spaces, and created graphics and environmental design programs to interact with multi-cultural audiences worldwide. Her ability to build a strategy and approach to launching lines within existing brands is her forte. From her global experience, Toni is sensitive to the cultural requirements necessary to communicate to a wide and varied audience. In her current role as Owner/Executive Creative Director she is responsible for building and guiding passionate, talented teams and assuring that Happylucky is operating with focus, respect, integrity, loyalty, perfection, curiosity and heart.

Languages: Employee fluent in:

Primary area of expertise: branding

Secondary area of expertise: art / creative direction

Third area of expertise: hand-lettering

Any additional skills or areas of expertise you would like us to know about: We are a global, full service agency born out of the graphic design discipline. We believe in working ethically and with respect (for our clients, the work and ourselves). Our site shows the range of our work, from larger Creative Platform brand building, shoot concepting and production, events and social connections.

Experience Level: Senior