Tari Follett

Name: Tari Follett

Professional title: Partner & Consultant

Email address: tari@wearefirelight.com

Portfolio link: http://www.wearefirelight.com

City: Muskegon

State: MI

Bio: I'm a professional internetter with a grab bag of skills, including:

* website design & setup
* HTML, CSS, WordPress
* information architecture and content structure
* content curation and creation
* copywriting and -editing
* e-commerce integration
* social media setup & strategy
* mailing list management

...and pretty much anything else you can do online.

I'm also a flaming liberal feminist ready to support organizations that work towards social, economic, and environmental justice.

Languages: English

Primary area of expertise: web design

Secondary area of expertise: copyediting

Third area of expertise: project management, producing