Stacey Uy

Name: Stacey Uy

Professional title: Branding Designer and Illustrator

Email address:

Portfolio link: and

City: San Diego

State: CA

Bio: I fell in love with design as an art history major at UCSD. Understanding how art can charge political movements, give a voice to the voiceless, and take a stand in history brought me to where I am today. I am a full time Visual Designer for a nonprofit fundraising platform, but my freelance work is also geared towards branding and campaign design for nonprofits and political movements. I live for telling a nonprofit's story through easy to understand imagery and design, because that shared emotional experience is what keeps us connected as a society. Very interested in print, branding, and merchandise design.

Languages: English

Primary area of expertise: vector illustration

Secondary area of expertise: print design

Third area of expertise: branding

Any additional skills or areas of expertise you would like us to know about: As a designer for the Collaborative for two years, I have gained a lot of experience in event branding and venue design as well.

Experience Level: Mid-level