Soozy Miller

Name: Soozy Miller

Professional title: Writer and Certified Master Resume Writer

Email address:

Portfolio link: LinkedIn: Soozy G. Miller

City: East Hampton

State: New York

Bio: 30 years of helping companies and private clients with branding and general writing and editing. Improve content, flow, and general presentation of writing material for a more professional public face. Coach private clients on resumes, cover letters, and social media profiles to get past applicant tracking systems (ATS) and search engines. Collaborate with customers during every phase of projects.
--Increase traffic and conversions on websites.
--Help clients land their dream job.

Languages: English

Primary area of expertise: copywriting

Secondary area of expertise: copyediting

Third area of expertise: digital marketing

Any additional skills or areas of expertise you would like us to know about: SEM, Call to Action, marketing, business writing, content writing, resumes, work with graphic designers

Experience Level: Senior