Renia Carsillo

Name: Renia Carsillo

Professional title: Digital Marketing Strategist

Email address:

Portfolio link:

City: Tampa

State: Florida

Bio: Results-oriented professional, who makes systematizing inbound marketing feel like magic. Renia has a proven track record helping companies in major growth mode make it to the next level. 
Gain clients trust with better touch-points, more consistent messaging, and delightful experiences. Renia will help everyone, from marketing to customer service, row the boat in the same direction.
Her collaborative mindset has helped companies large and small find their place in the digital space. With over 10 years experience, she’s still learning every day. That’s what makes working in digital marketing so exciting -- it’s always changing!

✦ Core Areas of Expertise:

Planning/ Problem Solving
SEO (Technical and Relationship-based Link Building)
Content Strategy
Creating Onboarding Systems
Creating and Implementing Internal Systems for Digital Interaction
Client Retention
Project Management
Strong Leadership Skills

Languages: English

Primary area of expertise: digital marketing

Secondary area of expertise: project management, producing

Third area of expertise: copywriting

Experience Level: Mid-level