Pilar Moreno

Name: Pilar Moreno

Professional title: Illustrator

Email address: mdelpilarmoreno@gmail.com

Portfolio link: http://cargocollective.com/pilarmoreno

City: Rosario

State: Santa Fe

Bio: Pilar Moreno is an argentinian designer and illustrator based in Rosario, Santa Fe. She always felt attracted to childrenΒ΄s books, colors, textures and the playful visual universe in general. She gets easily bored so sheΒ΄s always searching for new techniques or ways to achieve greater creativity. Her artwork mixes digital and more playful techniques like collage. She loves cats, brand new pencils and drinking lots of coffee.

Languages: Spanish

Primary area of expertise: drawing / painting

Secondary area of expertise: vector illustration

Third area of expertise: hand illustration / comics

Experience Level: Mid-level