Morgan Haines

Name: morgan haines

Professional title: brand strategist and designer of things

Email address:

Portfolio link:

City: Encintas

State: CA

Bio: morgan haines is a little creative. she specializes in strategic brand identities and design for big-hearted, sweary entrepreneurs. Fun-loving in spirit and bullshit-free in execution, her focus is on creating design solutions that are both purpose-driven and goal-oriented. She is a clever mix of creative and analytical, loves details and digging deep with thought-provoking questions, and believe in design that is rooted in function as well as form. With a penchant for furry creatures, happy hour and all things carbohydrate, she's passionate about helping clients create memorable brand experiences through design.

Languages: english

Primary area of expertise: branding

Secondary area of expertise: print design

Third area of expertise: art / creative direction

Any additional skills or areas of expertise you would like us to know about: I've been freelancing for several years and am pretty good at managing clients and projects, keeping everyone on track through frequent communication and online systems. I also do package and website design as well as helping people create digital marketing with things like digital PDFs and social media graphics.