Linda Baron

Name: Linda Baron

Professional title: STUDIOBARON Design

Email address:

Portfolio link:

City: Corte Madera

State: Ca

Linda Baron studied US History and Russian Studies at Cornell University, lived briefly in the Soviet Union, smuggled film out to produce a show of photographs in New York, and thus began a lifelong passion for visual narrative and storytelling. She studied Journalism at Columbia University, where she became the first student to submit a photo essay as part of her Master’s thesis. A successful career in photojournalism followed, taking her from reportage for The New York Times to a Graphics Editor post in Silicon Valley, with one short assignment in South East Asia that involved gunmen with AK-47s and Imelda Marcos’ shoe closet. 

A family tragedy catalyzed a move to work that could feed her constant curiosity, without putting so many stamps in her passport. She stayed put to design a children’s photo book series. Then she studied Interior Architecture and Design at UC Berkeley’s San Francisco campus, and has been practicing residential design in her own small firm in Marin County for the past decade. Observant down to granular detail, while holding up the big picture, Linda can synthesize seemingly diverse elements to produce creative solutions. She is known for fresh ideas with a timeless sensibility. She also produces all her firm’s branding, identity, and media, can style a photo shoot with grace and still spot a dangling participle at ten paces. 
No matter the platform, Linda knows how to manage client expectations—and always aims to exceed them. She does all of it by being a storyteller at heart.

Languages: A bit of present-tense Spanish

Primary area of expertise: – –

Secondary area of expertise: photography

Third area of expertise: copywriting

Any additional skills or areas of expertise you would like us to know about: Interior Design is my primary, but there's no "Other" category above! My past career was photojournalism so I am a storyteller at heart. Try me!