Katie Sellon

Name: Katie Sellon

Professional title: Film & Photo Producer

Email address: katie@katiereardonsellon.com

Portfolio link: http://katiereardonsellon.com/

City: Portland

State: Oregon

Bio: My name is Katie Reardon Sellon and I work as a freelance creative producer on a variety of projects, both with advertising agencies and for brands directly — TV commercials, web content, music videos, photo shoots and installations. Organizing and supporting groups of collaborative artists is my main game. I also have an uncanny ability to color code and make spreadsheets look great. More importantly, I can sew werewolf costumes. 

My husband is a portrait and product photographer. Producing photo shoot needs for clients of Indivisible is something we can offer quickly and on a large scale. If you come across any clients that need new headshots, photos of their new business space, or photos of their cool products -- we are the people to call! Ben's portfolio can be viewed here: bensellon.com

Languages: English

Primary area of expertise: project management, producing

Secondary area of expertise: video

Third area of expertise: motion graphics / animation

Any additional skills or areas of expertise you would like us to know about: My husband and I also run a production rental space called Half Court Studio - halfcourtstudio.com. The space can be used for photo/film shoots, but also small (~80 people) events.

Experience Level: Senior