Justin Kemerling

Name: Justin Kemerling

Professional title: Design Director

Email address: hello@justinkemerling.com

Portfolio link: https://www.justinkemerling.com/

City: Omaha

State: Nebraska

Bio: I'm an independent designer, activist, and collaborator focused on making it beautiful, moving people to action, and getting good things done. I work primarily with community organizations, political campaigns, and changemaking startups in need of branding, graphic design, web design, and art direction. My self-initiated projects and collaborations explore ways to move forward important causes and ideas with design, art, and other forms of creative expression.

Languages: English

Primary area of expertise: branding

Secondary area of expertise: web design

Third area of expertise: print design

Any additional skills or areas of expertise you would like us to know about: Posters for a Cause

Experience Level: Senior