Julie Olson

Name: Julie Olson

Professional title: Artist, designer

Email address: Julie@themiddleofnowherestudio.com

Portfolio link: Www.julieolsonart.etsy.com

City: Arvilla

State: ND

Bio: I have been an artist for 30+ years but spent much of my career as a graphic designer, art director, and landscape designer. I have recently opened an artist studio for my work, The Middle of Nowhere Studio, literally in the middle of nowhere, on a family farm in rural North Dakota. I spent much of my career in Washington DC working for the USDA. My work has been shown in the North Dakota Museum of Art recently, in a show of regional artists. I mainly work in watercolor and gouache, and occasionally oils. I also do some simple graphic design work on the side.

Languages: English

Primary area of expertise: drawing / painting

Secondary area of expertise: print design

Third area of expertise: vector illustration

Experience Level: Senior